I'm Jim Jones, the Ruby on Rails Expert who accelerates your project

Let's discuss your Rails challenges.

I can help you with :

  • Messy code, large-scale code refactors

  • Resolving hard-to-find performance issues at scale

  • Getting new developers up to speed with Rails conventions

  • Long-term maintenance of legacy Rails systems

Andres Camacho, CTO at Better Therapeutics

"Any initial skepticism was rapidly overshadowed by Jim's mastery of Ruby on Rails. His contributions to our team were felt day one."-- Andres Camacho
CTO of Better Therapeutics

Why you should trust me :


Q: What if we hire you, but we find that we're not a good fit for each other?
A: We can start with a short-term contract. Two weeks. If we like working with each other, we can extend.
Q: Will you go through our usual technical interviews/screenings?
A: Absolutely.
Q: Do you have any sample code we can evaluate?
A: Here's the ruby client code that I wrote for Callstacking, a SaaS-based advanced Rails debugger.

Blue Sage Data Systems, Inc.